"Long live mankind. Glory to man."

~ Motto

ArMAN or the Arms of Mankind is the official name of humanity's paramilitary force. It's also simply called the Human Army by both Avani and human forces. It is currently the most powerful army in Avan, to the point that their arrival has spread fear and dread amongst the inhabitants of the planet. Despite being a "human" army, ArMAN is also made up of many non-human races, specifically Zygrebs, Ravis, and Avani defectors.


Before the term ArMAN was used, the army had been called by diff. names. Originally it was known as the Human Defense Force or HDF. Another term is the Human Expeditionary Force or HEF. 

After the Beuvor War, the survivors of the conflict decided to call the Army ArMAN.

Structure and Organization

ArMan is based off various previous militaries in human history, but the official (and most obvious) model is that of the Imperial Roman Army, with additional mixes from the Wehrmacht and etc.

  • Legions were formations numbering about 500 soldiers recruited from the ranks of humans only, to be made up of all-volunteer units of long-term professionals serving a standard 30-year term.
  • Auxilia were organised into regiments of about 500 strong under ADM, a tenth the size of legions, recruited from the non-human races in both Lusitania and Avan. The auxilia provided virtually all the army's cavalry, light infantry, archers and other specialists, in addition to heavy infantry equipped in a similar manner to legionaries. They also serve as cannon fodder, becoming the first units to engage in combat to protect the less numerous but more elite human Legions, as well as to ensure that Avani enemies are at the very least provided with some familiarity in engaging the ArMAN for a short time.
  • Numeri were allied native or "barbarian" units who fought alongside the regular forces on a mercenary basis. These were led by their own aristocrats and equipped in traditional fashion. Numbers fluctuated according to circumstances and are largely unknown.
  • Sapien Guard is the elite group comissioned by ADM to serve the purpose as his personal bodyguards. It is the only group which included any alien species and is not exclusive to humans. Although much of their roles are political in nature, they are sometimes actively sent to the frontlines to provide personal combat and leadership, as well as to spread propaganda to mankind's enemies that they are the most powerful units in the Human Army.

According to


ArMAN are identified by their appearances.


ArMAN uniforms vary by regimental structures and roles but they all have similarities. Human soldiers normally wear...

Because Avan's atmosphere is not harmful to the human body, soldiers do not wear space helmets or suits unless stationed in Lusitania.


Go to Human Technology for more details. 

ArMAN has clearly more advanced weapons and technologies compared to every inhabitants in Avan. First and foremost, their mothership Lusitania serves as mankind's main HQ and command post. 

ArMAN small-arms are composed of assault rifles, pistols, grenades, and other modern firearms in contrast to the the bows, spears, and swords of the Avani race. ArMAN vehicles range from cars, trucks, motorcycles, tanks, and helicopters. Note, however, that under the Technological Limit Laws, human weapons are forbidden to go beyond the current technological tree. This is evident with the lack of AI and robotic weapons that mankind can produce - the trauma of mankind losing Earth to rebellious robots meant that mankind is against any form of further advancement which could once again bring about another tragedy.

The advantages of these weapons go beyond their firepower. These weapons are generally responsible for causing massive shock amongst the Avani who, being unfamiliar with human weapons, mistake the humans to be wizards and tanks and helicopters as giant animals made up of iron and metal. These reactions alone allowed many Avani factions to consider allying or even subordinate themselves to mankind, fearing for the "magic" of these humans.

Despite these weapons, however, some regiments of the ArMAN employ primitive weaponry such as swords, shields, and spears to conserve the ammunition of their advanced weapons. The Auxilia, in particular, are the only regiment in the Army which uses the same old tactics and weaponry.

Another notable exception would be the Zabate Division, the only human division which uses specialised swords and other weaponry. Their effectiveness, however, is currently under question.

Unit Types

Divisions in the army are divided by roles.

Infantry or LegionnairesEdit

  • Scouts - light infantry units.
  • Assault Teams - medium infantry units. Stormtroopers are another type which are better than assault troops.
  • Medics - support units.
  • Snipers - specialised infantry units.
  • Engineers - also responsible for resource gathering.
  • Flamethrowers - to a limted extent, mostly for terror operations.
  • Special Ops - elite units.
  • Marines - elite units.
  • Sapien Guard - the most elite and least numerous. Their roles are mostly to command troops in case of an absence in command, but they can also participate directly in combat.

Armored Units or CavalryEdit

  • Scouts
  • Assault
  • Shock
  • Armored Personnel Carriers


  • AP or Anti-Personnel
  • Siege Artillery - made up of both direct and indirect artillery.
  • Mobile Artillery
  • Missiles - 
  • Specialised

Air ForceEdit

The Air Force has it's own organization, the AirMAN.

  • Scout
  • Fighters
  • Bombers
  • Helicopters - most of ArMAN's military operations are conducted by helicopters who perform jack-of-all-trade missions. They are basically mankind's most important and flexible aerial unit.

The Auxilia maintain the units they come from.

  • Infantry - spears, swords, bows, or pikes.
  • Skirmishers - javelins
  • Cavalry


Lusitania's role in military campaigns are more in communications and terror. Officials technically refuse to use Lusitania's turrets to harm the planet unless for specific reasons.

Strategy and Tactics

ArMAN employs 21st Century tactics with mixes. 


Human encampments are temporary.