Av'inzi is the First World of Avan. Much of the story takes place here.


The "founder"



Central Avi'nzi is filled with different types of terrain and forests.


Civilization in Av'nzi began in 72,000 WIX, although some historians date it older. 

Current History: The Dark AgesEdit

The weakening of the AviMa Empire led to much disintegration of balance, peace, and order. Kingdoms and families fought each other to gain as much of the Empire's former territories.

The Empire itself, however, evolved into a judiciary state which preferred to be the judge of the nations around it. It became the Central Consulate, a remnant of a once powerful empire which, in the eyes of many Avani, are just there to provide competition for the various clans who wanted power.

The Arrival of MankindEdit

In 1139 WIX,