"AviMa is the elven version of the Roman Empire, sir. If you look closely at their structure, military, politics, and overall statistics, they are comparable to Rome. And I particularly compare them to Rome during the Dark Ages - a dying empire desperate to maintain it's existence."

~ Gen. Alfred.

AviMA, currently known as the AviMa Central Consulate, was a powerful Avani empire that was once the dominant force in Central Avi'nzi.


Named after the city which founded the country, AviMa is a combination of "Avi'nzi" and "Mazr'dan", which means "The City of Maz in the Avi'nzi Continent". 


Foundation of AviMa and it's Rise to PowerEdit

The founding of AviMa is dated in 0 WIX. It was originally a federation of different tribes, functioning in a somewhat "republican" government.

Conquest of Central Avi'nziEdit

AviMa began to expand by the 300s WIX. 

One of AviMa's major wars was the so-called Feruz Wars between AviMa and the Feruz Federation another powerful nation which ruled West Avi'nzi. Most of the battles took place in Lake Berza; it was the first major war where AviMa had to use a proper navy to defend it's shores. It resulted in a draw which led to a peace treaty between the two countries.

Decline Edit

Unfortunately, the empire began to be ruled by incompetent emperors and more barbarians roamed it's territories, who by now have adapted to AviMa's military strategies and weaponries.

Becoming the Central ConsulateEdit

It was during the reign of Emperor Yizu, the last great emperor, who established AviMa as a "neutral" state.

At this point, AviMa is the center of a civil war between various clan leaders who wish to become Emperor.


AviMa used to have the most powerful army in Avani history. AviMa armies resemble the Roman Empire, consisting of Legions and Auxilliaries. 

As of the late and current period, AviMa's armed forces has mostly adopted a defensive policy, relying heavily on both auxilliaries and mercenaries in offensive campaigns.


AVAN SOLDIERS - AviMa Sketch 01

Concept of AviMa infantrymen.

The AviMa wore the iconic AviMa helmet, a wide-brimed helmet used by the country's Legionnaires. 


The AviMa Legionnaires, even in the late period, is still considered one of the best infantry in Avan. 

The AviMa cavalry is the best cavalry in the region, second only to Baegora's. They specialise in shock and defense tactics. 


The AviMa Imperial Fleet remains as the most powerful armada on the continent, third only to the strongest navy of the Bvi'nzi Principality. 

Politics and Government

Historically, AviMa was a confederation of

As of the current timeline, AviMa is ruled by an oligarchial Central Consulate, made up of Senators who rule the nation, with the Emperor serving as a figurehead. Basically, the Emperor is an elected head of state who spends his time living in luxury within AviMa, while the Senators all handle the nation's affairs. 

Conflict with Mankind

In 1139 WIX, mankind invaded Avan. 

The Senators refused to become subjects to an unkown entity, culminating in the AviMa-ArMan War of 1139. In the opening stages of the conflict, mankind attacked various vassal states of the Consulate surrounding the Capital.

The Sacking of AviMaEdit

By Month 12, 


The rise and fall of AviMa is attributed to various rulers, both good and bad, both famous and infamous, both heroic and villainous.

  • Master Chief Maz - the man who was said to have founded the city of AviMa.
  • Emperor Yizu -  AviMa's "last great Emperor".
  • Emperor Xaeton "Xae" Cyandris - the current boy-Emperor of the Consulate. 

Gentri described the last Emperor