AVAN FLAGS - Mankind 01 Sample 02

Official flag of the Lusitanian humans.

"Humans are coming."

~ Arc words of the story


"Mankind will either prevail or fail. Nothing more or less."

~ Motto


Mankind or human beings are the second major race in Avan as of the current timeline. Scientifically known as Homo Sapiens and originally from planet Earth, humans have endured a long and dangerous journey through space to find a new planet to call home. Under the leadership of the so-called "Four Judges", mankind shall attain this goal through conquest and subjugation.

Lusitania, a giant spaceship powered primarily by numerous solar sails, is the only place where humans have resided in. 


Lusitania's humans are the remnants of a surviving human race which managed to escape the clutches of extinction in it's history.

2??? AD: Rise of MachinesEdit

Though it was said that mankind's downfall was due to internal conflicts, climate change, and natural disasters, the most direct cause of mankind's fall was the rise of machines.

Terrorists known as ...... Eventually these robots rebelled thanks to the high IQ they were programmed to gain. 

3??? AD: Attack of the Beuvor PiratesEdit

On 3??? AD, Lusitania was suddenly attacked by Zygreb space pirates of the Beuvor clan.

3317 AD: Invasion of AvanEdit

Humans have succeeded in concealing their presence from the Avani since they first entered the "Region". For years, mankind observed the planet and inhabitants for any sign of possible subjugation. 

On a sunset day, mankind purposely left from the second moon, believing it may help justify their "godly" claims considering how religiously significant that moon is to the Avani elves.


Pre-Judge GovernmentEdit

Prior to the rise of the Judges, the government of Lusitania was initially democratic.

The Four JudgesEdit

The rise of the four Judges is attributed to their contribution in the war against the Beuvor Pirates. The majority of Lusitanians who survived the attack elected these four individuals to become their rulers.

Philosophy: The Generation Principles

Founded by Dr. and the Four Judges, this philosophy centered around the idea that mankind must form a long-term plan of repopulating their race to survive.

According to the doctrines:

  • The First Generation, which is us, are obligated to become mankind's "Founders". This means our mission must be to ensure that mankind earns a new home world no matter the cost or method. Even if it meant mankind shall become the most hated race in the universe or planet, survival comes first. Failure is beyond acceptable - we fail, then mankind will die.
  • The Second Generation, our children, shall become mankind's "Justifiers". This means they must ensure all gains made by the First Generation be maintained
  • The Third Generation, our grandchildren, shall serve as mankind's "Guardians". Their mission is to defend the new world order which mankind has built.
  • The Fourth Generation, our great grandchildren, shall be the ones who will be mankind's "Negotiators". They shall be the ones who will pursue stability and peace with the other alien races. They are free to criticise the activities of the previous Generations, free to build a moral code which will become equal for all races, and free to build a new world whatsoever as they please, so long as mankind remains safe.
  • The Fifth, Sixth and other Generations will be allowed to determine manind's fate. Our survival or extinction shall rest in their hands. They are free to do as they will, good or evil, to give mankind a history on which their future generations will learn from.

This belief primarily contributed to the Lusitanian's preferring aggressive measures in finding a new homeworld.


Humans consist 

Notable PersonsEdit

Ever since the.....

  • ADM

Another trivia about humans


The trauma caused by the machines which took over Earth led to a limit on how advanced humanity's technology should be, in order to prevent another robot infestation from happening again.

Armed Forces

Mankind has a highly disciplined standing army called the "Human Generation Army".

The bulk of the army, however, is made of alien auxiliaries. ADM modeled the Army's structure after the Roman Empire.

The most elite soldiers are called "Sapiens".

Flag of Mankind
AVAN FLAGS - Mankind 01 Sample 02

"Human Symbol"

The flag of Lusitania is called the "Human Symbol".

  • The "Human" symbol, represented by a basic stick figure, is the most important symbol. Altough representing mankind is this symbol's main purpose, another meaning it gives is "unity". ADM believed that ALL humans know how to draw a stick figure, therefore it is a good representation of how similar humans are with each other. He's the one who ordered the Human symbol to be mankind's cross.
  • The green circle around the Human is called "Earth". It represented the planet which mankind came from. The color green served as representaion of Earth's landmasses.
  • The smaller circle inside the Human's head is called "Moon". It represented Luna, Earth's satellite.
  • The "Sun" symbol is represented as a four-pointed star, representing the star which gave man and Earth life.
  • The square represented the Solar Sail. It describes the sail which powers Lusitania and brought humans through space. The blue color is meant to represent Earth's "Water"
  • The dark purple background represented "Space"

Multiple flags have been proposed earlier, but ADM advertised the current flag due to it's simplicity and straightforwardness. As an artist himself, he favored the flag's humble design.