Ziruvahana "Zitana" Zafarae, known popularly as Zitana, is the main Avani character of the franchise. Hailing from the Zafarae clan , a minor aristocratic nobility which has claims to the Avani Central, she is initially an ambitious and selfish aristocrat who wishes to become the Center's Empress for material reasons. 


Her physical appearance is that of dark elves. She has pale skin. Zitana is 179 Aegis, as in I am about 17 yrs old in human terms who lived for about 179 human years.

She is known to be selfish, strict, self-centered, and narrow minded. Her past experiences has made her believe that trust is not temporary and only self-sufficient. She does not trust anyone whole heartedly and won't hesistate to betray her allies - as she says "better to betray now than to be betrayed later".

She is very hammy. Her catchphrase is "I am better than any of you", which she says either to simply motivate herself and stay confident or to show others her egoistic view of her talents or even both. 

Another trait she has is immunity to insults. Being used to it all her life, Zitana can handle almost every form of insult by anyone, which also meant she knows how to insult as well. Her berserk button however is when she is called "useless".

Her nickname Zitana means "Dreamer" in the Avan language. 179 Aegis (as in I am about 17 yrs old in human terms who lived for about 179 human years.) Today, I am a "loyal" Fal or major general of the Central Consulate or CC. Tomorrow, I will be Avan's 213th Empress.



Zitana is born in Zafi, one of the borderlands of the Avima Empire at it's greatest extent.

She had a tough upbringing, 

The death of her mother weakened the Zafarae's power in the region, culminating in their overthrow by the rival Mangdimon clan. This led to a small war which resulted in the fall of the Zafarae and their armies. 

Zitana became a hostage of the Mangdimons in order to spare her family from further destruction. She became their slave, abused, tormented, and...

The priestess she trusted sold her to...

Zitana's conscience finally broke as a result of two events: firstly, when she learned that her family was secretly executed by Mangdimon's agents, and secondly, when she was called "useless" by the three Mangdimon princes.

She ran away and personally hired mercenaries to kill the Mangdimons, paying them with Mangdimon gold after they have been slayed. She also killed the last prince and adopted his dress which she later heavily modified to become the outfit she currently wears.

Later YearsEdit

Zitana spent her later years reconsolidating the Zafarae clan with little success.

At this time, her profession was a mercenary. However, she experienced rejections by multiple lords.

Present DayEdit

She is a "loyal" Fal or major general of the Central Consulate or CC until..... Her goal is to be the 213th Empress. 

She gathered support from her hometown, then gathered mercenaries 

Strategy and Tactics

Zitana's skill is making decisions and gambling risks. 

Diplomatically, Zitana knows how to make deals and to "bribe" people to get her to do what she wants without actually using money as her tool. It is by manipulating people....

On the battlefield, Zitana places her faith in mercenaries and ranged infantry, particularly archers and skirmishers. Her tactics rely on hit and run tactics with an emphasis on "agrressive skirmishers, supportive melee infantry".

She also loves to use horse archers, but she can't afford them. She dreams she could one day afford a horde army like Merdas. 


Zitana has had bad luck when it comes to recruitment.

Zitana's MercenariesEdit

Most of her recruits are mercenaries in Central Avi'nzi.

Uin's Sacred ArmyEdit

After narrowly escaping death 

Zitana's LegionnairesEdit

By the time Zitana realises that a military career is her only way to a better life, Zitana made sure that she creates the best army she can ever make. She spent her time subordinating herself to various lords in order to gain more knowledge on unit types and weaponries. 


Volume 01

With a force of about 1000 men, Zitana travelled to


Later she "invented" the crossbow after observing a human soldier who was reloading and shooting his weapon.